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Western Québec School Board

Children with Special Needs

Handbook for parents of children with special needs

The Western Québec School Board is committed to ensuring that all students achieve success.  The WQSB model of service delivery emphasizes on inclusion.  Students would attend the elementary or secondary school that would best suit their needs. The school’s principal and teacher are the parents’ primary contact.

Each school organizes their special education services according to the needs of the students in their school and the Western Québec School Board Policy C-17: Policy Governing the Organization of Educational Services for Students with Special Needs.

The WQSB Complementary Services Department supports all the students with special needs and the staff who work with them.

Students with special needs have an active Individual Education Plan (IEP).  These plans are typically prepared in the spring for the following school year.  Parents are important and valued members of the IEP team.

Academic Pathways

Students with special needs may follow a variety of academic pathways: 

Students who have been formally identified with special needs and validated by the ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR) may generate additional funding for specialized services in their school.  Funding for students with special needs is based on a formula used by the MEESR. 

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