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Starting Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Kindergarten is the first step of your child's educational career. It is the foundation to future learning. The word "Kindergarten" comes from Germany and means "children's garden". It is a place where your child will grow and learn socially, academically and emotionally.

As parents, you are your child's first educator. Your partnership with the school is extremely important. A relationship that fosters mutual cooperation and respect will benefit your child's growth and positive development.

Developmental milestones, self-discovery, acquisition of knowledge and relationship building with peers and adults are the cornerstones of life in Kindergarten. The overall objective is to provide an environment and conditions for students to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually. Learning situations will draw upon play and life experiences. The goal is to prepare your child to be an active and thoughtful learner in all areas of his/her life.

Preschool education is a program focused on play. Spontaneous and teacher-directed play contributes to your child's development as they learn to problem solve, be their own self and interact with others. Creativity and imagination develops while children interpret their own reality.

Your Child is Starting Kindergarten MEES [pamphlet]

The Kindergarten classroom is child centered focusing on individual needs and interests. Prior knowledge and experience allows students to progress and learn at their own rate. Experimentation, observation, questioning and reflection allow students to be challenged and discover.

What will my child do in Kindergarten?

The Preschool curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education. To read more about the curriculum, [+]

Things you Need to Know

You will find answers to frequently asked [+]

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Different activities parents might like to engage with their preschool children. [+]

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