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Western Québec School Board

What we offer

Breakfast Program

The breakfast program is offered in 14 schools across our territory.  The program offers an affordable and nutritious breakfast option for underprivileged families.  It allows for students to retrieve nutritional energy so they may better perform in class, helping them achieve their full potential.


Twelve of our elementary schools offer daycare services.  For only 7$ a day your child can receive professional care before school, after school, during lunch and during full day PD days.  Children have access to a variety of educational and cultural activities, ranging from science, to literature to arts.  In addition, these services support special needs students and promote inclusiveness.  To find out more on our daycare centres, please follow this link.

Early Start - Derogation

In Québec, students must be 5 years old on or before September 30th, the year you are registering your child, in order to attend kindergarten in the fall. However, under certain conditions, specified by the Québec ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR), students may begin kindergarten or Cycle 1.1 early.  The conditions of these are dictated in the Education Act. For more information, please refer to our Derogation document by following this link.

WQSB Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Life Skills Program

This is an award-winning program that helps to inspire and educate students and teachers alike to become more responsible citizens who conserve and protect the natural environment and also to reach out as leaders to encourage others to do the same.

French Immersion

All four of our Aylmer/Hull elementary schools offer the French immersion program and all four of our secondary schools in the same area offer the French immersion program.  Dr. Wilbert Keon School also offers the French immersion program.  Each school offers a different percentage ranging from 30% to as high as 100%. Other schools offer some form of French instruction which can include French Second Language, Core-French and Enriched French.

Passe Partout

Passe-partout is a part-time (2 days/week) governmental family intervention program created to foster educational success.  It is designed to provide parents with the tools they need to help their child adopt attitudes and practices that will enable the child to develop, grow and succeed.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Pre-Kindergarten program is offered on an as needed basis and is determined by the amount of interest in the region. Where/when offered, the program runs 5 days a week from September through to June.

Multi Age Program

The Multi-age program is offered when there are not enough students to create two separate pre-kindergarten classes and therefore the Kindergarten 4 and the Kindergarten 5 classes are merged to create a class with multiple age groups.  

Special Needs

Inclusive Education

At the elementary level and in rural K-11 schools, students with special needs are educated in an inclusive setting at WQSB.  The students remain in the regular classroom with their peers and follow an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Additional support, as required, is also focused in the classroom.  At some secondary schools, specialized classes are in place for students in a modified academic and life skills pathways as well as for the WOTP and CHALLENGES programs.

Work Orientation Training Path (WOTP)

This pathway is unique because it is practical in nature and its main objective is immediate preparation for the job market.   It gives students the opportunity to experience success in different contexts through adapted instruction.  Students in these paths must be at least 15 years of age on September 30.  This pathway is available at all of our secondary schools.

Here are the available paths a student may take:


This is a three-year program designed for students whose competency report at the end of Secondary Cycle One shows that they have not met the requirements of the Elementary End-of-Cycle 3 program evaluation for English and Mathematics.

This training helps students to progress at their own pace in a variety of subjects while preparing them to carry out their roles as adults, citizens and workers. During the first year of the program students receive practical training within the school setting. The following two years involve a combination of school and workplace training. The student can achieve specific competencies related to different semi-skilled trades.


This is a one-year program intended for students who have met the requirements of the Elementary level End-of-Cycle 3 program evaluation in English and Mathematics, but who have not met the requirements of Secondary Cycle One.

Students work towards completing the requirements of Secondary Cycle One programs in English, French and Mathematics, at the same time as developing all the specific competencies required to carry out a semi-skilled trade. Students spend approximately half the year in school with the other half spent acquiring these work competencies in one specific trade.


This program is designed for students 16-21 years old who are working in the life skills pathway.  The curriculum includes work-related activities and helps to prepare the students for adulthood.  The program culminates with an Attestation of Skills from the MEESR.  The CHALLENGES program is available at all WQSB schools in either an inclusive school setting or within Centres at the larger secondary schools.

Alternative Education Program

This program is designed for older elementary and secondary students who require a great deal of support from both WQSB personnel and from professionals from outside agencies. The program is based on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s theory of Attachment.  Students participate in individualized academic and counselling programs.  Some students may complete their education in this program while others may return to the regular education setting in either the youth or adult sectors.

Homework Programs

Many of our schools offer a homework program that allows students to receive consistent help from their teachers (and sometimes even their peers) either before school, during lunch or after school.  This is a key component to the success of some students and the WQSB truly encourages programs such as these.

Guidance Councillor

A Guidance Councillor can be found in a total of 6 schools, including two junior high schools, two high schools and 2 adult education centres.  This service provides an opportunity to talk to a neutral individual on a variety of topics, including personal matters, appropriate work paths, time management, etc. 

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

The School Board has two drug and alcohol prevention technicians who make their way through our schools and centres to offer workshops, presentations, prevention materials, information packages for parents and in-person support for students who are seeking help with issues surrounding drug or alcohol.

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