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Early Start

The Derogation Process:

Information for Parents [pdf version]

  1. If you have not already done so, please ensure your child has Bill 101 approval and is eligible to attend Western Québec School Board (WQSB) Schools. Please contact Sabrina Crawfordscrawford@wqsb.qc.ca  819-684-1313 x1155 or 800-363-9111 x1155
  2. An Information Evening will be held for parents at the Western Quebec School Board.
    Derogation Parent Information Evening: January 16th, 2017 – 7:00 pm. Video-conferencing will be available for parents outside of the Gatineau region. Please register with Wendy Routliffe at wroutliffe@wqsb.qc.ca , 819-684-1313 x1163 or 800-363-9111 x1163
  3. When registering your child at the school in your catchment, please advise them that you are seeking early entry to kindergarten. (Families in the Aylmer sector should contact Sabrina Crawford directly). You will be asked to complete and sign the “Parent Letter of Request for Early Admission to School (Derogation)”.
    Deadline for Derogation Requests: March 31/17
  1. An assessment completed by a psychologist is required for a Derogation. When choosing the psychologist to assess your child, please ensure that the professional is a Child Psychologist, registered in Quebec, who tests for Early Entry into Kindergarten/Derogation. A list of area psychologists is available from L’Ordres des psychologues du Québec: 1-800-363-2644, http://www.ordrepsy.qc.ca/en/public/find-a-professional-2/results-and-filters.sn
    *Please note the student must be assessed in English
  2. Certified copies of the psychological report should be submitted to either the school in your catchment, or directly to the Western Quebec School Board: Beth Burn, Director of Complementary Services.
    Deadline for receipt of psychological reports:  April 28/17
  3. All applications and assessment requests are reviewed by a Committee. Final decisions regarding derogation requests will be forwarded to parents during the week of May 29, 2017. Questions should be addressed to Beth Burn at bburn@wqsb.qc.ca or 819-684-1313 x1107
  4. If you choose to withdraw from the derogation process after the information session or any time thereafter, please inform Wendy Routliffe.

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