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Parents' Committee

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Parent Ctee & SEAC Info | The Parents' Committee Focal Point of Parental Participation

The Parents' Committee is an advisory committee to the School Board. Each school within the Board's territory has a representative on the committee chosen from the parent members sitting on each Governing Board. A representative from the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) also sits on the Committee.

The Role of the Parents' Committee

The Committee's major role consists of representing parents' interests within the School Board.

The main responsibilities are:

Relationship to the School Board

Four Parent Commissioners, one for Elementary, one for Secondary, one for Kindergarten to 11 (K-11), and one from SEAC are elected from this Committee to sit on the Council of Commissioners. One Parent Commissioner is also elected to sit on other committees of the School Board, such as Executive, Transportation, SEAC, Governance & Ethics, Audit, and Human Resources.

Representation at the standing committee level is very important. It is at this level that many issues are raised, policies worked out and decisions taken for recommendation to the Council of Commissioners.



The Parents' Committee is to be consulted on the following matters:

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