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Western Québec School Board

Strategic Plan

Approved by Council of Commissioners June 29, 2010.


The value and measure of a strategic plan lie with its ability to provide a systematic way for an organization to solve problems – including future uncertainties. For the Western Québec School Board it should establish a process and general framework by which decisions are made about our intended future outcomes, about how these outcomes will be accomplished, and about how progress toward achievement of the outcomes will be measured, monitored and evaluated. It should focus efforts and resources on long-term general goals and strategic objectives while providing a foundation for short-term operational level activities. The most important of these operational decisions is assigning budget dollars. The strategic plan and operational budget plan must work in concert so that the organization can create a climate and culture dedicated to excellence – in our case teaching and learning excellence. The strategic plan must foster building success year upon year so there is an ever ascending model of achievement. These basic tenets must be considered by and apply to all stakeholders. View complete Strategic Plan in pdf format.


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