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Western Québec School Board


The Western Québec School Board prides itself in providing excellent educational services. To do so, a group of people work diligently in different departments to ensure that the Board runs smoothly.

The Board has eight main departments that oversee a range of necessary yet understated matters such as curriculum, building, school maintenance, the school taxes, staffing the teachers, transportation routes, etc.  The hard work of these essential services make it possible for the teachers, the educators and support staff to better help all the students in our system, whatever their individual needs may be.

General Directorate

The Western Québec School Board’s General Directorate consists of the Director General, the Assistant Director General, as well as, the Secretary General. This group oversees the entire Board activities, ranging from the educational services, to managing the political liaisons, including the ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR), as well as the elected Commissioners, to budgeting, to legal matters and school related issues, etc.


Mike Dubeau, Director of Human Resources
819.684.2336 local 1143

Ruth Ahern Assistant Director General
819.684.2336 Local 1153

Terry Kharyati Secretary General
819.684.2336 Local 1152

Nicole Belec Administrative Support
819.684.2336 Local 1166

Buildings & Equipment

Our Building Services Department supports the Mission Statement of the School Board in providing the best possible learning environment. This is accomplished by effective and efficient management of available resources to provide healthy, safe, well maintained and operated facilities, through the delivery of responsive maintenance, custodial, and construction services in harmony with the individual learning communities.

We are dedicated to providing:


Pascal Proulx, Director of Buildings & Equipment and Technology
819.684.2336 Local 1114

Judy Cadieux-Fortin, Administrative Support
819.684.2336 Local 1125

Michel Hotte,
819.684.2336 Local 1140

Tammy Gauthier,
819.684.2336 Local 1196

Carrie Hart, Manager, Buildings, Equipment and Technology
819.684.2336 Local 1110


The Western Québec School Board supports the life-long learner. It gives the best possible education in the safest environments. As our mission statement indicates “we are committed to academic excellence, quality education and social, emotional and moral development.” Every decision made at the Board level transcends into our schools and we truly focus on the students and their individual learning abilities.


Stewart Aitken, Director - Elementary
819.684.2336 Local 1137

Chantel Hutter, Administrative Support - Elementary
819.684.2336 Local 1113

Ruth Ahern, Director- Secondary and Adult Learning
819.684.2336 Local 1153

Chantal Champagne, Administrative Support - Secondary and Adult Sector Vocational Training
819.684.2336 Local 1112

Lyn Fitzsimmons, Administrative Support - Adult Sector - Academics
819.684.2336 Local 1101

Beth Burn, Director - Services to students with special needs
819.684.2336 Local 1107

Wendy Routliffe, Administrative Support - Services to students with special needs
819.684.2336 Local 1163


The finance department deals with all financial matters pertaining to the Board, schools, centres, and daycares. It also oversees all matters dealing with school taxes.

Our goal is to distribute all the allocated funds from the ministry and school taxes in a fair and equitable manner based on the socio-economic ranking of the school.

Financial Statements

By law, the school board shall appoint an external auditor to carry out the verification and reporting mandate issued by the MEESR on the financial transactions of the school board. The result of these verifications are presented as Financial Statements.


The Québec government must include in its financial reporting the results of all Québec educational and health institutions. Therefore, all boards must report their finances according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The recording of liabilities accumulated on staff vacation and sick day benefits, as well as the depreciation of school board buildings and other capital assets has created change to the financial reports following the accounting reform of June 2008 within the education sector.

To date the school board has adopted a balanced budget within the regulation of the MEESR, between the money we will receive and the money we will spend to continue to deliver quality education and services to our students and communities.


Mike Dubeau, Director of Human Resources
819.684.2336 local 1143

Sandra Cox, Director
819.684.2336 Local 1156

Kimberly Robertson, Administration Technician
819.684.2336 Local 1127

Leanne Gray, Responsable des approvisionnements
819.684.2336 poste 1129

Account Payable/Receivable

Nancy Kock, Administration Officer
819.684.2336 Local 1144

Lucie Dionne ldionne@wqsb.qc.ca
Ying He yhe@wqsb.qc.ca
Accounting Clerks
819.684.2336 Local 1108 & 1164

Human Resources

The primary role of the Human Resources Department is to hire, promote and develop qualified and professional staff to ensure that our students achieve their potential. We offer direction and guidance to management personnel for issues involving staffing and labour relations. In addition, we provide all of our employees with services and advice related to careers aspirations, compensation, benefits and disability management.


Terry Kharyati Director
819.684.2336 Local 1152

Philippe Bazinet, Coordinator
819.684.2336 local 1136

Staffing, Postings, Classification, Probation, Maternity/Paternity/Parental

Suzan Hunter, Administrative Technician
819.684.2336 local 1159

Payroll – All Inquiries, Salary Insurance & CSST, Records of Employment, Recall/Lay-off for Support Staff + Seniority

Matthew Queale, Administrative Technician
819.684.2336 local 1139

Declarations concerning Judicial Records, Group Health Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, T4-Rel1 + Canada Savings Bonds, Payroll Back-up

Sylvie Monette, Administrative Technician
819.684.2336 local 1160

Pension Inquiries, Classification, Attestation of Schooling,  Maternity/Paternity/Parental, PIC-Teachers, Oversize Compensation - Value Added Payments

Krystal Boutin, Executive Secretary
819.684.2336 local 1161

Applications for Employment, Attestation/Confirmation of Employment Letters, General Inquiries

School Taxes

All owners of taxable property in the province of Québec must pay school taxes. The current Education Act directs school boards in the process of invoice and collection of school taxes. Property owners are responsible to ensure payment is made. No interest on late payments can be adjusted or removed as prescribed in the Education Act.

[Information regarding tax invoicing]


Nathalie Dagenais,
819.684.2336 Local 1145

Jacqueline Cayer,
819.684.2336 Local 1123

Nicole Leclerc,
819.684.2336 Local 1109

Rachel Vincent,
819.684.2336 Local 1162



The mandate of the Information Technology Department is to give support in all activities of the School Board when technology is involved. These responsibilities are broken down into two (2) main domains:

Administrative systems

Administrative systems represent a wide area of activities: human resources and payroll, finance, purchasing, student transportation, taxation, etc.  It is comprised of the following responsibilities:

Pedagogical services


Pascal Proulx, Director
819.684.2336 local 1114

Lisa Diner - RECIT
819.684.2336 poste

Transportation & School Organization

The WQSB is the only English school board serving the Outaouais and Abitibi-Temiscaming regions. Every day we transport over 6400 students to 25 different schools as well as adult education and vocational training centres across our vast territory of more than 90,000 kilometers squared. The School Board contracts over 135 vehicles daily for a total that exceeds 2.5 million kilometers a year.

The Western Québec School Board Transportation Department has an outstanding safety record and through the dedication and the concerted efforts of our bus contractors, drivers, school communities and Transportation Department staff, we will continue to assure a safe transportation environment for all our students.

In order to preserve the outstanding safety record and maintain seamless transportation every day, WQSB follows a rigorous policy and relies on specific guidelines to ensure that decisions are made efficiently and professionally.

All bus cancellations will be found on the right of every page on our site. Or follow us on Twitter @WQSB_Inclement


Mike Dubeau, Director of School Organization & Transportation
819.684.2336 local 1143

Manon Dusablon, Coordinator Transportation & School Organization
819.684.2336 local 1135

Transportation scheduling, contracts, budget
Policies, Guidelines, Laws, Negotiations
Conflict Resolution
Cross-Boundary decisions & regulations
Enrolment projections/Boundaries

Lorraine Mallette, Administrative Technician Transportation
819.684.2336 local 1131

Bus routes/schedules – Geobus Data
School Bus Safety Campaign
Parent/Transporter requests & complaints
Finances – Parent allocation, STO    
Bus accommodation invoicing/collection

School Boundary inquiries

Danielle Robert, Superintendent of Administrative Services/Mgr of Information Systems
School Organization
819.684.2336 local 1115

Management of Student Data
Reporting & Analysis
Pedagogical software & applications support for Administrators
Responsible for the Certification of studies and MELS Uniform Exams
Sept. 30th declaration

Lee Ann Beaulé, Administrative Technician
School Organization
819.684.2336 local 1128

GPI/GPI Internet/ISM Secretarial support/training GPI Manual, Print Formats
Department technical support

Sabrina Crawford, Administrative Technician (Bill 101/Registration)
School Organization
819.684.2336 local 1155

Bill 101/Permanent Codes
Temporary Stay/Fees-International Students
Data Entry  & Cross-Boundaries inquiries
Department technical support
Student file audit


Sonia Lavallée, Office Agent Principal Class – Transportation & School Organization
819.684.2336 local 1158

Clerical dept. support for above tasks, as required
MELS exams: scheduling/receiving/shipping
Admissions/Registrations/Student file audit
Destination Imagination / Destination Leadership




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